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Simple Ways to Lower The High Body Cholesterol

Various types of medication is available for reducing the overall cholesterol levels of the body. There are however some simple ways, some home remedies if you want to bring the cholesterol levels in your body in control. If you use this home medication mentioned in the following lines, you will not have to worry about taking the expensive and probably dangerous cholesterol cleaning medicine.

First thing that can be consumed to control the cholesterol levels in your body is soybean. In fact soybean has the capability to clean up as much as 20 % of cholesterol. This would require you to consume at least 25 grams of soybean daily for a minimum period of a month. Not only will soybean ensure that the accumulated cholesterol is cleaned up, it will also ensure that new accumulation is considerably reduced.

Consuming garlic is another simple way to clean up the extra cholesterol of your body. Strong though it may smell, garlic has well established antioxidant capabilities. The advised quantity is two cloves of medium size as a part of your food. This much is enough to not only make your food taste good but also to control the cholesterol in the body or the accumulation thereof.

The third simple remedy to control the levels of cholesterol in body are the seeds of sunflower. This is primarily because of the linoleic acid in the seeds which cleans away the cholesterol accumulated and clogging the arteries. Primarily this is to clean up the capillaries.In order to ensure that you have enough sunflower seeds to positively impact your circulatory system, you should consider cooking food in sunflower oil.

Ginger is one more way to control the levels of cholesterol in your body. Ginger consumption is advised in the raw form or in the form of pills. It will bring down the levels of cholesterol in your body as well as dilute your blood.

Another great way to reduce cholesterol levels in your body is Coriander seeds. They are primarily taken with boiled water so as to maximize the impact. In fact when it comes to the safety to effectiveness ratio, there are few cholesterol home remedies which can live up to this one. It is also one of the safest options.

Consumption of soluble fibers is another way to clean up the cholesterol accumulated in the body. These fibers make cholesterol around themselves which is then removed from the excretory system. There are many sources for these fibers like apple peel, berries, barley,carrots, peas and the like.

Another home remedy that you may consider is honey which can be consumed with water but it is more effective when taken with cider vinegar.

You may also consider onion juice which is also a blood purifier, along with a cholesterol cleaning agent.

None of these home remedies would be hard to find nor would they break the bank, yet they are very useful in cleaning cholesterol from body.


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